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[NAMM 2008] Roland BR-900CD Version 2 Digital Recording Studio

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  • [NAMM 2008] Roland BR-900CD Version 2 Digital Recording Studio

    The BR-900CD is one of the world’s most popular, easy-to-use portable multi-track recorders. With Version 2, BOSS takes the best BR features and expands it with dozens of new COSM guitar-amp models, plus a super-cool new drum-editing software app and 500 minutes of recording time via 1GB Compact Flash.

    46 types of BOSS GT-Pro class COSM amps on board

    1 GB Compact Flash card included for 500 track-minutes of recording time

    Pro-quality effects for every instrument type, plus mastering and pitch correction

    Programmable drum machine onboard with graphical Rhythm Editor software (free download for PC and Mac)

    Expanded Recording Time

    No need to worry about trackrecord lengths. With a 1GB Compact Flash card onboard, the BR-900CD Version 2 provides up to 500 minutes of recording time.

    New COSM Amps Onboard

    It’s a dream collection for guitarists. Direct from BOSS’s top-of-the-line GT-Pro come 46 types of COSM guitar-amp models. Simply plug in and explore an amazing treasure trove of tone without the cost and hassle of dealing with physical amplifiers.

    New Ways to Groove

    The original BR-900CD was equipped with a built-in drum machine. Version 2 has a virtual drummer onboard as well, but with an advantage: a downloadable graphical Rhythm Editor software for creating rhythm pattern and arrangements visually via Mac or PC. It’s the best of both worlds.

    Notes: Graphical Rhythm Editor software available via free download at It is not bundled with the BR-900CD. Editor software is also compatible with BR-600.
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