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[NAMM 2010] Tascam HS-2

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  • [NAMM 2010] Tascam HS-2

    TASCAM's HS-2 offers stereo recording and playback with timecode to solid-state media. For studio and post production use, the HS-2 fits a variety of stereo recording roles first pioneered by TASCAM's DAT recorders. Also true to TASCAM tradition, audio is top-quality throughout with up to 192kHz/24-bit recording.

    Like the HS-P82 and HS-8, the HS-2 uses a color touch-screen interface to access settings and tracks. Audio is recorded as Broadcast WAV files to Compact Flash media, with SMPTE and RS-422 synchronization available. A pair of CF card slots is available for data mirroring or continuous recording. The RC-HS20PD remote control allows operation from a separate room over RJ-45 connection.

    TASCAM's HS-2 is the natural successor to timecode DAT, with the instant access, ease-of-use and sound quality studio and post professionals demand.

    Also available: the HS-8 multitrack solid-state recorder with timecode.

    • Stereo solid-state audio recorder
    • Records to Compact Flash media
    • Up to 192kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV file recording
    • BWF file format with iXML metadata
    • Multi-channel flash start
    • Dual CF card slots for mirroring or continuous recording
    • Color TFT touch panel interface
    • 5-second pre-record buffer
    • Cascade function for multiple unit operation

    Physical specifications:
    • XLR balanced analog inputs
    • XLR balanced analog outputs
    • AES/EBU digital I/O on XLR connectors
    • AES/EBU digital stereo monitor output on XLR connector
    • Video/word clock BNC input
    • Word clock BNC out/thru
    • SMPTE timecode BNC in/out
    • PS/2 keyboard input
    • RS-422/RS-232C serial control input
    • Parallel control port
    • RJ-45 LAN control (10/100/1000) on locking connector
    • RC-HS20PD Remote input
    • USB 2.0 host connector for transfer to flash memory drive
    • 1/4" stereo headphone output
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