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[NAMM 2007] Roland M-10DX 24-bit/96kHz 10ch Digital Mixer

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  • [NAMM 2007] Roland M-10DX 24-bit/96kHz 10ch Digital Mixer

    Portable 24-bit/96kHz DIGITAL Mixer with Built-in Spectrum Analyzer
    More portable and affordable than its M-16DX big brother, the M-10DX packs an amazing amount of high-end features into its small frame, including a 24-bit/96kHz processing engine and a backlit LCD so you can see the graphic representation of level meters, EQ, effects and even a spectrum analyzer.
    10-channel full digital mixer with M-16DX flagship features
    3-band EQ controls (Q & Freq.) with graphic LCD for precise tone shaping
    Portable, all-in-one design
    “Room Acoustic Control” for instant automatic room compensation two TRS 1/4” output jacks
    Built-in pro-quality Effects, including COSM insert effects, reverb effects, and finalize effects
    Flexible analog I/O and digital output, including two high-quality mic preamps
    AC adaptor included
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