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[NAMM 2010] Yamaha DT950K

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  • [NAMM 2010] Yamaha DT950K

    Yamaha DTX900 Series – The One to Beat

    We've combined our expertise in acoustic drums with our latest digital sound technology to create the new Yamaha DTX900 Series Electronic Drum System. Yamaha designed its innovative new DTX-PAD featuring a Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) head with input from the company's legendary stable of drum artists. Utilizing sound technology from the highly acclaimed Motif XS and DSP effects from our high-end digital mixers, the DTX950K Drum Trigger Module has professional sounds that bring your drumming to life. The DTX900 Series lets you express yourself without thinking about the fact you are playing electronic drums, but it has all the advantages of a completely digital system.
    For quiet practice, playing live or as a controller for VST instruments, the revolutionary new T.C.S. head's playability and feel combined with Yamaha's acclaimed digital sound technology, make the Yamaha DXT900 Series Electronic Drums the one to beat.
    DTX950K- Six-Piece Electronic Drum System with Hex Rack
    Featuring Advanced DTX-PADS with new Textured Cellular Silicone head

    • New 12" XP120S Snare Pad
    • Two 10" XP100T and two 12" XP120T Floor Tom Pads
    • Featuring the expandable HEXRACK System
    • Matte Chrome finished hoops for strength and looks
    • Shock-absorbing mounting system
    • Updated Kick Pad with reinforced head
    • 1,115 drum and percussion, 211 MOTIF GM melody voices
    • Onboard sampler with dedicated effects (with optional DIMM)
    • USB connectivity
    • Realistic feeling hi-hat pad with HS740A stand
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    Korg KrOnOs 2 88 - UA Apollo Twin Duo - Hammond B3 - Leslie 122 - Leslie 147 - Yamaha C7 - Steinberg Cubase 10.5

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    Yamaha "Montage 7, CP73, MODX6, Motif XF8, Reface CS&DX-DXR12/DBR10/TF1 & 2 Rack TIO1608-d/MG124Cx/Line 6 StageScape M20d/Steinberg UR22 & CC121 avec Cubase Pro 10/LD MEI 1000 MG2/ Shure SE425/Presonus HP4 (x2)/Shure SM58/Line 6 XD-V75.


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        C'est la réponse de Yamaha par rapport aux "mesh heads".

        D'après les premières infos, çà n'a pas l'air mal du tout, mais le prix des pads augemente de manière sensible.

        Vivement un p'tit essai
        SY 99 - ReVox A77 - Montage 8