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[NAMM 2010] Nouveau piano Numérique Korg SP-170

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  • [NAMM 2010] Nouveau piano Numérique Korg SP-170

    Voici le nouveau piano numérique Korg d'entrée de gamme :

    deal for first piano, a life style
    Nice piano become more stylish.
    SP-170 is lightweight and compact size while providing even, digital piano, piano and pursuing the necessary elements of feeling grand piano keyboard touch and rich tone. Body clean and simple design with no buttons or switches on the panel, and a chic black, you can choose from elegant white. Also, easy to carry and so is ideal for use in concerts and live.

    Carefully, and a grand piano sound recorded in a rich, 10 with the tone of the new Journal.

    SP-170 is a luxury concert grand piano sound has been carefully recorded with a piano sound. The Journal is divided into multi-level intensity differences due to touch and enrich the representation of subtle nuances of touch. Addition, electric piano and harpsichord, and organ tones and with a total of 10 has a built-in sound.

    New keyboard that faithfully reproduces the acoustic piano touch, natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) adopted a keyboard.

    Similar to the acoustic piano, the bass is heavy and the treble of the new keyboard that reproduces the touch light, natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) equipped with a keyboard, and subtle facial expressions to express the richness of the fingertip Masu. Also, depending on the strength of the touch-touch controls three key features that can be set by the attitude of the sound stage can enjoy playing with my touch.

    A sense of depth, the sound system is employed to achieve powerful speaker.

    While the compact size, oval to give depth to the sound output dynamic (10cmx5cm x 2 pcs) uses the speakers. The new play based mechanisms can play in more powerful sound.

    Yan and bulk effects in a positive tone with two types.

    To enrich the sound effects sound reverb, and chorus with a heavy sense of give and spread the sound.

    One with two headphone jacks.

    The rear panel has two headphone jacks with two or four hands, and playing or listening to children can enjoy playing with him.
    * Available to use as a line-out terminal.