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[Namm 2008] Roland RD300GX

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  • [Namm 2008] Roland RD300GX

    Step onstage and step up to the world’s most impressive stage pianos, with amazing pianos and EPs onboard, plus audio-play and master control features. The RD-300GX is powered by Roland’s latest sound engine for incredible sound quality.

    Stunning 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds

    Highly portable stage piano, equipped with PHA alpha II 88-key weighted keyboard which provides the excellent touch.

    Audio playback of WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files via USB memory; easy onstage control with Audio Key feature

    Piano Designer function for creating the perfect custom instruments

    Multiple zones for master-control functionality

    Perfect Piano

    The RD-300GX features two sets of 88-key stereo multisampled pianos sounds from the popular RD-700SX. In addition to their super-expressive onboard piano sound-sets, other essential instruments are built into these new pianos, including EPs. You can even customize and save your sounds for instant recall.

    Perfect Touch

    The RD-300GX features an excellent PHA alpha II weighted keyboard, which simulates a real grand piano by providing a heavier touch in the lower octaves that gets increasingly lighter in the upper range. This keyboard has many of the same design elements as Roland’s acclaimed PHA II keyboard, but its keyboard-action mechanism is much more compact and lightweight.

    USB Audio Enhancement

    Play audio through the RD-300GX directly from a USB memory key. Flexible file compatibility enables playback of Standard MIDI Files, WAV, AIFF and MP3s. The "Audio Key" feature lets you use the bottom 15 keys for controlling start song, song length, etc. In addition, you can connect directly to a PC via USB and tap into Cakewalk SONAR LE software, included in every RD-300GX package.

    Custom Shop

    For those who like to get inside an instrument and customize its sounds, the RD-300GX’s Piano Designer feature is your key to unlocking and personalizing the sound-set, down to the smallest details such as Hammer Noise, Damper Resonance, Duplex Scale, and more.

    High-Quality Effects

    For subtle sweetening or complete transformation, the RD-300GX offers a wide lineup of 78 multi-effect types to choose from, plus independent effects such as reverb, 2-band digital EQ, and Sound Control. Add sparkle to your grand piano sound, deep-fry an electric piano, add depth and spatial movement to strings ― the choices are vast.

    Lightweight, Compact

    It has an impressive, heavy-duty body (with sophisticated black brushed metal finish) but the RD-300GX is actually one of the lightest 88-note piano in its class. It’s ultra easy to transport at about 36 pounds (16.4 kg), — yet built tough enough for the rigors of the road.
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    Oh, bah celui-ci aussi a l'air sympa... Roland nous sort quelques trucs intéressants, on dirait!

    Merci pour ces infos
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