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[NAMM 2007] OS 2.0 pour le Virus Ti

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  • [NAMM 2007] OS 2.0 pour le Virus Ti

    Access nous gratifie de l'OS 2 pour le Virus Ti. Apparemment, une grosse maj au niveau synthèse, par ondelettes, par table d'ondes, par formantes, avec plus de modulation, interpolation entre les ondes... Intéressant tout ça. Pour peu que les bogues soient oubliés et que l'intégration fonctionne impec, voilà qui va peut-être me faire réviser ma liste d'achat.


    Access Music, the company behind the multi award winning Virus TI synthesizer series is thrilled to announce the most comprehensive feature update in the company's history.

    Version 2.0 for the Virus TI adds Graintable, Formant-based oscillators and enhanced Wavetable synthesis. The new operating system introduces Section Locking for the Virus Control plug-in, searchable patch categories, 25 additional Wavetables and 256 additional signature ROM sounds, an improved user interface, a patch complexity indicator as well as loads of other refinements.

    The Graintable oscillators applies techniques as those used in granular sampling and pitch-shifting algorithms to synthesizer Wavetables. It opens up a whole exciting world of new possibilities. Imagine bending any Wavetable far beyond what is sonically possible with common Wavetable synthesizers. It all happens in realtime and of course all parameters can be modulated in realtime as well.

    The formant-based oscillators work in a similar fashion, only with one crucial difference: the formants remain fixed as you play. This effectively turns the oscillator into a filterbank on steroids comprising up to 256 resonant bandpass filter poles, whereby the cutoff of each virtual pole is determined by the harmonics in the current Wavetable index.

    The existing Wavetable oscillators were also updated. OS2.0 allows PWM-style modulation and the degree of interpolation between the individual waves can be altered. As a result a Wavetable can morph from smooth to coarse to stepped (which makes it sound similar to a wave sequence). It's like turning a nice ambient patch into a dark, gritty sonic monster by only changing one continuously variable parameter.
    Kronoscopie, tout sur le Kronos

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    Merci François


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      8) merci François,
      voici un lien PDF vers les améliorations apportées :


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        8) , merci pour les News !
        Le Modulaire c'est l'art de faire copuler d'excitantes bananes avec un tas de petits trous , pour faire miauler de plaisir , ces oscillateurs dévergondés !