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OASYS : nouvelles démos MOD-7

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  • OASYS : nouvelles démos MOD-7

    E.Piano Pad SW1 (714kb, mp3)
    A classic FM electric piano sound. Notice this shifting of the tine harmonics in realtime using the Vector Joystick (+X). Midway the tine characteristics are changed using the VJS +Y direction. A pad element is then added using SW1 followed by some more vector timbre-changing fun.

    All that Glitters..... (823kb, mp3)
    A rich pad sound composed of VPM, PCM modulation and a noise generator. SW1 adds in the "glitter" element. VJS-X brings in the layered PCM element, which is used to modulate a VPM oscillator. Partway VJS brings in a square wave, and ribbon is used to filter the Noise osc.

    JS+Y Stardust(move slow) (923kb, mp3)
    A unique sound where the JS+Y is used to trigger different oscillators – a new features found in the MOD-7! Various controller moves follow including pitch bend, JS-Y changing the HPF cutoff, VJS adding tremolo and timbral changes, and knobs being used to change pitch and attack time.

    DigiClavitar (870kb, mp3)
    Another classic FM timbre. Effects are added in realtime, ribbon is used to mute the sound, the filter is opened up followed by using JS-Y to bring in a wah effect. Towards the end VJS changes the Modulator osc’s output and pitch.

    VectorianBellscape SW1,2 (618kb, mp3)
    A complex timbre that layers MOD-7 VPM bells with a STR-1 element. During the performance Knob 5 adds more attack characteristic, followed by Knob 6 and VJS timbral changes. During the fade-out VJS-Y adds a random LFO.

    Transformer Lead VJS,Kn6 (707kb, mp3)
    This lead sound is being triggered/played by KARMA using the programmed Chord Pad voicings.
    Knob 6 is used to increase the FM modulation, and then to remove all the complex harmonics. Then both Knob 6 and the VJS are used at the same time to produce a lot of changes. Finally, ribbon is used to turn the sound into a plucky bass lead sound and back.

    Pure Power Bass (501kb, mp3)
    A next-gen VPM+ bass sound. Knob 6 is moved during the first 8 bars to vary the decay of the sound, followed by SW1 adding a very dynamic Wah effect. More timbral changes via Knobs 6 and 5 finish out the performance.

    Knee-Deep Bass knob 5,6 (1.1MB, mp2)
    This bass sound is being triggered/played by KARMA using the programmed Chord Pad voicings.
    SW1,2 adds more OSC elements, knobs are used to change filter and overdrive effect, and VJS controls many timbral changes.As the performance progresses you’ll hear KARMA Scene changes and phrase and duration variations.

    Rainy Windows (826kb, mp3)
    KARMA used again to play the song via chord pads.
    When KARMA is turned on, this sound changes drastically from a slow pad to a fast synth using the controller offsets ability that KARMA offers. VJS X and Y are used to transform the sound into more of a bell/sine sound, and Knob 5 is used to give notes a slow attack and long release for a cool transitional effect in the middle and end of the performance.

    Starlight Parade (757kb, mp3)
    KARMA is pretty much doing everything! The reverb is sequenced in the KARMA GE to change thru the pattern. We’re simply playing the chord pads to step thru a happy little song.
    VJS is used to raise (and then lower) the pitch +/- 1 octave of some of the elements.
    Knob 5 is used half way through to make the attack softer and then slowly get more aggressive. Knob 6 is also used for tonality changes in the middle of the progression.

    Multiple Engines SW1,2 (725kb, mp3)
    Another cool dual-EXi engine sound. The synth comes from the MOD-7 and the drum groove comes from the AL-1. After playing the first musical motif SW1 brings in the analog drum groove. JS- Y is used to bring the drums in and out in realtime along with some filtering.

    Guitar Pad SW1 (1.05MB, mp3)
    Another classic FM approach, with some unique twists. VJS changes filter and adds in some "trill". ToneAdjust is used to change the modulator’s pitch, and JS-Y adds tremolo.

    Alien Warning System (836KB, mp3)
    This SFX demo has 3 "swells":
    Swell 1 is just the program with one note playing. Swell 2 is a different single note but with VJS -Y used to add filter resonance to the fade-in operators. Swell 3 consists of a slow build up of choice notes while moving the VJS in both X and Y directions to bring additional complex harmonics out of the patch, with the end result being a beautiful resonant chord fading in over the chaos.

    Space Siren SW1 (763kb, mp3)
    Another SFX-type sound. Amongst the many controller moves, note the pitch bend used to take high notes down 64 semitones !!

    Boiling Oil Pad (708kb, mp3)
    This whole performance consists of 2 notes played at beat 1 and held for entire demo. Knobs 5 and 6 were used to change LFO depths and rates, knob 7 adds a Phaser, VJS brings in Distortion and Left / Right Bass drones. Finally, knob 8 adds touches of reverb in the middle and end.

    1Hold ON for Help (713kb, mp3)
    Once again, 2 notes played at beat 1 and held for the entire demo. VJS is used towards the end to sweep a single Operator pitch.
    Soutenez Manu, le fondateur d'Audiokeys en achetant sur ... (ne me soutenez plus merci, ça vaut mieux).

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    merci manu ..

    La musique est un voyage, et les instruments, le moyen de parcourir des cultures et des rêves différents.


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      Merci Manu
      Roland P330 SC880 XV5050+SRX07 FXR+SRX01 U8 JV1010 VariOS+VC1 D50
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      YAMAHA MO6 ; DX7 ; RX15 MU128+PLG150-DX


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        Superbe ! On retrouve bien le style de la synthèse FM
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          Merci Manu
          Service de formation en ligne par visio conférence Montage M, Montage, MODX’s Série CK et YC /Camelot Pro/John Melas tools, description et conditions générales de vente


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            Gpt qbc opi dqkc


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              puissant !

              les bells me rappellent un film de la fin des années 80 qui tourne autour de la mer...:D

              le grand crois :p

              pour les heureux possesseurs d'oasys
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                superbe, merci manu
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                  Terrible :D! Merci Manu, ça le fait!
                  Oasys 88


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                    Merci Manu pour ces démos très sympathiques
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                    La muse m'habite (et non pas le contraire^^)