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  • OS PC3 v1.20 dispo

    Bonjour à tous, bon ben tout est dans le titre.


    OS Version 1.20.8990 Release Notes
    Master Page
    • We added a parameter for mirroring primary analog outputs on secondary outputs (and there was much rejoicing!!). The parameter is "Aux Out Pair Mode" on page 1 of the master page and the values are "Mirror Primary Outputs" or "Normal".
    • General MIDI - Turn on GM mode with a switch on page 2 of the Master page. A default GM sequence will be loaded, which has settings for FX sends. When you exit the Master page you will now see the set of 128 GM sounds. (The regular PC3 sound set will not be visible until GM is turned off.)
    • Drum Remap - Any Kurzweil Kit can now be remapped to conform to the standard GM drum mapping. On the Master page, select "GM" for the Drum Remap parameter. There are 2 Kurzweil drum maps - "Kurz1" and "Kurz2". The first 7 drum programs are "Kurz1" and the others (in Base2 and Classic Keys) are "Kurz2". Flip the switch and they should work.
    • Utilities added - MIDIscope and Stealer are now on the Master page. The Stealer can display stereo and mono voices.
    NEW KB3 MODE!!
    • With improvements in both soundware and software, we've greatly improved the sound quality and accuracy of our KB3 organ simulator. Our main focus was on sounds used by live players, so the FX chains are a bit large. We went all-out to give our users the best possible B3 emulations.
    • In software, we fixed the lower tonewheels, drawbar EQ, Percussion, Keyclick and Leslie simulations. In soundware, we tweaked the Leslie ramp up times, mic levels and positions and added some cool tricks with gain staging and distortion.
    • We decided to use the sustain pedal as the default secondary Leslie speed switch. The sustain effect has been disabled on all KB3s. We highly recommend the use of a CC pedal for volume swells.
    • In addition to the many new KB3 programs, we've added a few VAST organs as well, at ID #s 184 and 959-961.
    • We also added 4 new "Dual Manual" setups (starting at ID 90) which use a VAST organ on the left half of the keyboard and a KB3 on the right, both have Leslie switch on the sustain pedal.
    • We have made changes to the current sound set, with some additions and changes to the Organ sections. Included in this v1.2 download package is an Excel chart (also offered in two pdf's) detailing the old programs, the new ones and new locations for old programs (/PC3_v120_Object_Lists). We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes - we try to avoid shuffling programs around after initial release, but in this case the difference in quality made it necessary.
    New Synth Alg and Sounds!
    • We've added a "supersaw" alg, which is 4 blocks. It's 2 detuned saw waves (the anti-aliased kind) and can be selected with Alg 5. New programs which use the alg are at ID # 995.
    Sequencer Fixes/Additions
    • Real time quantization
    • Mixer playback/program capturing
    • UI: navigation, soft buttons shift, names in uppercase.
    • Riff start/stop update
    • New track edit operation: remap
    • Play and scroll to new songs keeps playback.
    • Start/stop time in Riffs and loop modes improved.
    General Fixes/Additions
    • Improved compatibility with 256Mb type S xD cards.
    • Increased internal RAM capacity
    • Arpeggiator Sync mode fixed.
    • Setup Compare added.
    • More info in the Setup Select Page in the left box (key range, riff, possibility of seeing all zones...)
    • Bend ranges of bend Aux1 and Aux2 now working in Setup Mode.
    • Buttons working in momentary mode properly.
    • Tempo controller working updating RIFF tempo too.
    • Quick ARP access with Arp and Sw double button press.
    • Exiting QA mode much better now.
    • Holding a button press will repeat the event.
    • Naming in Storage mode bugs fixed.
    • FX bypass button now works in setup edit mode.