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  • Step sequencer...

    Dave Weiser de Kurz vient de l'annoncer, la fonction step sequencer sera active dans l'OS 1.3.

    Mais où s'arrêteront-ils?

    "I was going to save it as a surprise but I couldn't wait to tell y'all.

    It will live inside the arpeggiator. In the "Note offset" field, you'll be able to scroll up to 24 notes, then you'll see a series of patterns and scales - major, minor(s), diminished, pentatonic, etc. Scroll further and you'll see 10 user slots for patterns which can be created with step entry. You can have up to 24 steps, each with its own velocity.

    Of course you can have up to 16 of these going simultaneously.
    And they are completely independent of Riffs.

    Can't wait to play with this tomorrow!

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    Intéressant ça ....:D
    merci pour l'info
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