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  • PC3-OS 1.34 dispo

    Tout est dans le titre...
    Pas eu le temps de voir de quoi il s'agit.
    INSTRUMENTS: Kawai MP6 - Korg SV-1 73 Black - Studiologic SL88 Grand - Studiologic VMK61 Organ - Roland MKS-20 - Korg Wavestation A/D - KLC Digital Edition - NI Komplete 8 - NI Maschine - Arturia Analog Experience - ENREGISTREMENT: MacBook Pro + Motu 828 Mk III hybrid + Logic studio 9 - SON: Yamaha HS80M + VOX Ac30 pour rendre quelques sons plus "vintage".

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    Miam !

    OS Version 1.34.11220 Release Notes

    Program Mode:

    New Programs from ID 971 to ID 985 including new synth programs, new solo string programs and some more templates.

    * "971-973 Solo Strings" - New cello, viola and violin. These use the modwheel to achieve a bowing effect - slowly move the modwheel up and down, mimicking the motion of a real string player - moving the wheel brings in a shaper (VAST) which emulates the sound of scraping rosin. When the wheel is down, one layer is enabled, when the wheel is up, a slightly different layer is enabled. These programs use an fx chain to emphasize the resonant frequencies of the instruments' respective body sizes.
    * "974 Electric Cello" - Same modwheel "bowing" effect described above.
    * "978 Classic Mini Bass" - A basic VA program, using alg 133, which allows two oscillators to be routed into a single filter, similar to the way classic analog synths were configured.
    * "979 TalkWahPoly+Syn" - Distorted guitar plus synth program for soloing, with both hipass and lopass filters assigned to be swept by the modwheel for the "talking" effect.
    * "980 MeanWahMono" - Monophonic distorted guitar lead, with both wah and added harmonics assigned to the modwheel.
    * "981 Bass Pedal" - Organ bass pedal sound.
    * "982 SyncSqr Template" - Simple program with the 2-layer Sync Square running into a 4 pole lopass filter. Good to use as a starting point for sync VA sounds.
    * "983 CarpenterSndtrk" - Classic fat polyphonic analog program, emulates the sounds used by John Carpenter on films like Halloween and The Thing.
    * "984 ElectromechLead" - We wanted to offer a lead sound that specifically was not a guitar nor an analog synth which still had a good amount of dynamics and expressiveness. The attack has an electromechanical feel (uses a pianet sample) and the rest of the sound combines VA waveforms along with a feedback effect assigned to the modwheel.
    * "985 Panner Template" - Simple program which uses a new alg, #132 to enable the VAST panner block. Modwheel is assigned to affect the panner.


    * KB3 Leslies: Leslie FX chains were adjusted to remove an exaggerated warble effect that was especially noticeable on the "fast" setting.
    * Some KB3 programs were fixed so that the speed of the Leslie control comes up correctly.
    * Bug fix: GM programs bend down range was incorrect on some GM programs and is now fixed. Also the Bend parameter (All/Key) on the layer page was fixed for all GM programs.
    * Bug fix: You can no longer edit a "Not found" program.
    * Bug fix: Compare page in Program mode. The previous page was still "underneath" the compare message which meant that navigation buttons, spin wheel, etc, were still active... causing messy display. Not anymore.
    * Bug fix: There was a rare case where cascade mode programs could glitch on note-on when stealing other cascade notes.
    * Bug fix: When Attack Portamento is enabled the first note played on the program no longer glides from an arbitrary point.
    * Bug fix: Fixed a problem causing glitches and pitch problems in some monophonic programs.

    Setup Mode:

    * New Arpeggiator feature: Shift Patterns have a new direction: Flat. They could be Up or Down before, now we add the option Flat, which means that they will not change the octave. The notes played will be just the notes specified in the pattern, without automatically making octave changes.
    * New Arpeggiator feature: 2 new Arpeggiator Latch modes. We have rescued the Auto Hold latch mode of the K2600 that was not included in the PC2. Also, we have added a particular case of this mode where only 1 note is being latched. This last case is thought to be helpful while using Shift Patterns.
    * New Setup Controller Destination: ShKeyNuV. This is exactly the same as ShKeyNum but the velocity of the notes triggered are also affected by the Velocity Pattern. KeyVel sets the velocity and the velocity pattern will modify that velocity.
    * New defaults for ShiftPatt and VelPatt. When triggering notes with ShKeyNum or ShKeyNuV, if ShiftPatt is 0, the default would be a chromatic scale, instead of the current shift pattern number 1. When triggering notes with ShKeyNuV, if VelPatt is 0, the default would be no changes in the velocity set by KeyVel.
    * Some new patterns added in the arpeggiator.
    * Bug fix: conditional release in Riffs (CondRel) now works as advertised.
    * Improvement: Previously, when NONE values were used in Arp Shift Patterns, octave changes were not affected by the arp limit, so an arp whose first step was NONE, was triggering that NONE in higher octaves even if the limit was set to 11. This has been fixed. Now NONE will respect the limit and it's value.

    Song Mode:

    * Capability to record the output of setups into the sequencer (including riffs, arps and tempo changes). To record a Setup into a Song, select song, set RecTrk to MULT, go to Setup and select desired Setup. Press Record, then Play. Perform. Press Stop and save song.
    * Better timing for Arps.
    * Better looping for riffs, now arps/riffs don't fall out of sync after several bars.

    QA Mode:

    * Bug fix: Previously, KB3 LEDs would not reflect the proper status when a KB3 program was in the last entry of the bank. This has been fixed.

    MIDI Mode:

    * Bug fix: When the user edits the Control Setup from the MIDI transmit page and saves it to a new id, the new control setup will be selected. Previously it wasn't.

    Master Mode:

    * Bug fix: If within Master / Delete / Advance the user deletes everything, the page shown will be the main Master page.
    * Bug fix: Numeric entry works now in the Set Clock page.
    * Bug fix: Date display is remembered if master table saved.
    * Bug fix: If there was not a master table in the system and you went to Master Mode / Object / Delete, selected all banks and all types, the delete was ok but there was an error message at the end. Now any displayed message is always the correct one.

    General Enhancements/Fixes:

    * Bug fix: When navigating out of various edit modes, in some rare cases, the return page was not the proper one. This has been fixed.
    * Bug Fix: Added a fix for SoundTower program pasting bug, which had been especially affecting KB3 programs.
    Hello, World!


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      Merci Xavier
      INSTRUMENTS: Kawai MP6 - Korg SV-1 73 Black - Studiologic SL88 Grand - Studiologic VMK61 Organ - Roland MKS-20 - Korg Wavestation A/D - KLC Digital Edition - NI Komplete 8 - NI Maschine - Arturia Analog Experience - ENREGISTREMENT: MacBook Pro + Motu 828 Mk III hybrid + Logic studio 9 - SON: Yamaha HS80M + VOX Ac30 pour rendre quelques sons plus "vintage".


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        Génial, merci


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          Super, merci
          Service de formation en ligne par visio conférence Montage M, Montage, MODX’s Série CK et YC /Camelot Pro/John Melas tools, description et conditions générales de vente


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            J'ai juste copié le contenu des "release notes"

            Je suis impatient de rentrer à la maison pour l'installer
            Hello, World!


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              Bravo Kurzweil


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                Pfiou, il m'en faut un:p

                Matos : Kurzweil PC3K8

                Ma video pour le Kurzweil Forte Video Contest :


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                  Bravo pour leur transparence!!!
                  avril 2011, nouvel album: anasazi - playing ordinary people ... et c'est gratuit | K2500xs+kdfx - G2 Engine - Komplete5